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Articolo | La Situationsethik attraverso le carte del Sant’Uffizio (1951-58)

La Situationsethik attraverso le carte del Sant’Uffizio (1951-58)

The Situationsethik began to be a source of concern for the Roman authority only at the beginning of the 1950s when some Catholic authors promoted a morality that, in evaluating an act, took greater account of the context rather than the universal moral law. Through the examination of the archival material of the former Holy Office, it was possible to reconstruct the stages of the path that led the ‘Suprema’ to carry out severe investigations on some scholars (Fuchs, Michel, Leclercq, Tiberghien) and to the promulgation of the Instructio of 1956 with which the ethica situationis was condemned.

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Presentato: 22 Gennaio 2024 | Accettato: 12 Febbraio 2023 | Pubblicato: 23 Aprile 2024 | Lingua: it

Keywords Magisterium Moral Theology Condemnation Ethics of the Situation Holy Office

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