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Fascicolo | 3 | 1 | 2024

The Roman Magisterium in the Twentieth Century: New Perspectives from the Vatican Archives

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This issue of the Journal of Modern and Contemporary Christianity documents a workshop held at Villa Vigoni, the German-Italian Centre for European Dialogue, in October 2023. The opening of the Vatican archives for the pontificate of Pius XII has also created new possibilities for research into the history of theology. The Franco-German-Italian workshop (which was supported by Deutsche Forschungsgemeinschaft and Johannes Gutenberg-Universität Mainz) examined ongoing projects in this context and related them to earlier research on the history of the Magisterium and Roman censorship. Theologically, the pontificate of Pius XII was characterised by an interesting mixture of cautious tendencies towards openness and renewed repression. Against this background, the workshop offered an impressive panorama of current research on the Roman Magisterium under Pius XII, which unfolds in the contributions to this issue. These offer many doctrinal, source-critical, institutional and prosopographical points of contact.

Keywords Faith and order Pope’s ghost writers Nouvelle Théologie Pope Pius XII Moral Theology Anti-modernism Book Censorship Sacramental theology Sebastiaan Tromp Encyclical International questions France Franz Hürth SJ Roman Magisterium Modernism Papal Magisterium Reform concerns Humani generis Professionalisation Evolutionism Catholic Bible Exegesis in the 1950s Ethics of the Situation Censorship Romanisation Papal Encyclicals’ drafting process Vatican Council II Indexing Magisterium Society of Jesus Ecumenism Morals Faith World council of churches Catholic theology Pius XII Scientific progress Pontifical Biblical Commission Jesuits Doctrine Roman Curia Holy Office Teilhard de Chardin Condemnation National socialism Just war Édouard Le Roy Franz Hürth Peace

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