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Chatbots for Action-Oriented Language Learning

Using Elbot to Enhance Conflict-Solving Skills in Learners of German as a Foreign Language

Francesca Mazzilli    Università degli Studi di Bari «Aldo Moro», Italia    



The aim of this study is to investigate (i) how learners perceive the non-educational chatbot Elbot as a language learning tool in a formal context (university German course), and (ii) to what extent a set of task-oriented interactions with Elbot influences the learners’ behaviour (e.g. lexical choices) during a separate activity. For these purposes, this study outlines a lesson/experiment focused on the enhancement of conflict-solving skills in German as a foreign language. A mixed-methods approach was applied to evaluate Elbot’s contribution to the lesson as well as its impact on the learners’ choice of basic strategies to solve a conflict. The study concludes with the discussion of the advantages of developing an edu-bot based on an existing non-educational chatbot. In this regard, the research also provides some concrete proposals based on the results of the data analysis.

31 Marzo 2021
23 Marzo 2021
25 Maggio 2020

Keywords: Conflict-solving skillsNon-educational botsChatbotsGerman as a Foreign LanguageEdu-botsDialogue-based CALLElbotAcademic language educationChat-based human-computer interactionAction-oriented language education

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