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Il profilo del seminarista apprendente di italiano L2

Il caso del Pontificium Collegium Germanicum et Hungaricum di Roma

Annalisa Di Salvatore    



In the teaching of Italian as a second language, the ‘learning seminarian’, within the larger category of the learning clergy, has a specific profile as for his characteristics, his communication needs, his motivations to study the Italian language and the peculiarities of the learning situation. These features emerged from the Italian language courses for seminarians at the Pontificium Collegium Germanicum et Hungaricum of Rome during the academic years 2010 and 2011. The Italian courses that are held at the Collegium are intended to guide the students, which are absolute beginners at their arrival, to achieve a linguistic and communicative competence at least at level B1, the minimum requirement for the admission at the Pontifical Gregorian University.

01 Marzo 2013
03 Agosto 2016
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