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Ritratti di mercanti armeni nelle miniature dei Vangeli medievali (secoli IX-XIV)

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Rachele Zanone    Fondazione Centro Studi sull’Arte Licia e Carlo Ludovico Ragghianti, Italia    



This article aims to present part of the research I conducted within the ERC project, Armenia Entangled: Connectivity and Cultural Encounters in Medieval Eurasia 9th-14th Centuries at the University of Florence. My topic of investigation for the ArmEn project is to analyse the portraits of Armenian merchants in the miniatures of medieval manuscripts and to place them in a broader Eurasian context. A focal point of the research is devoted to the analysis of the clothes worn by these merchants, which are investigated through an iconographic study and comparison with Byzantine and Arab illuminations with the same subject. Therefore, the aim of the article will be to outline the ongoing research by showing some examples of manuscripts containing fascinating portraits of Armenian merchants.

22 Novembre 2023
30 Maggio 2023
13 Marzo 2023

Keywords: Armenian MerchantsIconographyMedieval EurasiaArmenian GospelsArmenian Miniatures

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