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In contrata Arminorum

Note sugli Armeni in Crimea e a Tana nel XIV secolo

Lorenzo Pubblici    Università degli Studi di Napoli «LʼOrientale», Italia    



In the mid-thirteenth century, the Mongol invasion spread fear from China to France. Yet, over subsequent decades, the threat waned, leading to a need for political and economic rebalancing. The Mongols swiftly conquered Asia and even reached Europe, reshaping the continent’s political landscape and fostering an interconnected trade network. This transformation attracted diverse merchants to new ‘intermediate’ settlements like Tana at the Don River’s mouth. Initially established by the Latins with Mongol Khan’s approval, it became a crucial stop on the ‘Mongol route to China’ in the fourteenth century. Genoese, Venetians, Catalans, Central Asian traders, Mongols, and Armenians settled there. The Armenian community, amidst growing political turbulence, demonstrated integration and sustained commercial activity. This paper explores Tana’s Armenian community in the late fourteenth century amid weakening Mongol power.

22 Novembre 2023
27 Giugno 2023
29 Marzo 2023

Keywords: Golden HordeAzov region in the Medieval historyHistory of Medieval tradeHistory of VeniceTanaMongol EmpireArmenian history

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