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Il terzo stadio dell’imparare

Piacere e bellezza del testo ti Tammān Ḥassān

Andrea Facchin    Università Ca’ Foscari Venezia, Italia    



In 1983 the eminent Egyptian linguist Tammām Ḥassān (1918-2011) wrote al-Tamhīd fī iktisāb al-luġa al-ʿarabiyya li-ġayr al-nāṭiqīn bi-hā (Introduction to the Acquisition of Arabic Language by Non Arabic Speakers), an essential work in the field of Teaching Arabic as a Foreign Language, where he theorised his three-level approach for the acquisition of Arabic language by non Arabs consisting of the first level of knowledge, the second of comprehension and the third, the ‘enjoyment level’ (marḥalat al-istimtāʿ). The aim of the study is to shed light on the third level of language acquisition, which allows learners to detect the beauty of a text and results particularly interesting since it considers certain aspects that characterise Arabic language specificity and legacy such as literary taste (taḏawwuq adabī), stylistic embellishments, figures of speech, etc.

27 Giugno 2019
28 Marzo 2019
25 Gennaio 2019

Keywords: Arabic linguisticsArabic languageLearningTammām ḤassānTaḏawwuq adabīDidactics of Arabic to non-Arabic-speaking

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