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Per una traduzione dell’Osetinskaja lira di Kosta Chetagurov

Vittorio Springfield Tomelleri    Università degli Studi di Torino, Italia    

Michele Salvatori    Liceo Scientifico «E. Medi», Montegiorgio, Italia; Liceo Scientifico «T. Calzecchi Onesti», Fermo, I    



The article presents the first results of a major project that aims at analysing and translating the whole collection of poems, entitled Iron fændyr – in Russian usually rendered as Osetinskaja Lira –, by the Ossetic poet Kosta Khetagurov (1859-1906). Kosta Khetagurov is generally regarded as the initiator of a literary tradition in Ossetic and the founder of the standard language. Therefore, and also for some other cultural reasons, it is extremely important to make available to a larger public in the West the poetic work composed by this versatile artist in his native language. After a concise overview over life and works of Kosta Khetagurov, the main attention is given to the presentation of two different types of edition: the original Ossetic text is accompanied by a translation into German (first variant) or Italian and English (second variant). In both cases a morphosyntactic analysis, conducted according to the principles of the so-called Leipzig glossing rules, allows a deeper and better understanding of each lexical and grammatical form in the text. Finally, some issues arising in the linguistic analysis of the data, concerning first of all the labelling of grammatical categories in the interlinear gloss, are shortly tackled and discussed.

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