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La vita della Kartli nel contesto storico-politico caucasico

Gaga Shurgaia    Università Ca’ Foscari Venezia, Italia    



This collection of Georgian historical works entitled Kartlis cxovreba «The Life of Kartli» is the main source for the history of feudal Georgia and begins, as do all Byzantine Chronographs, with an introduction to universal history, within which the history of the Georgian nation is placed. It contains information on Armenia, Northern Caucasus, Albàˆnia Caucasica, Persia, the Turkic peoples, the Eastern Roman Empire and some other peoples and countries. The paper discusses the historical conditions and the different stages of the formation of Life, as well as the political and cultural Weltanschauung of its authors. The analysis is based on the manuscript tradition which survived to this day, the scientific literature and some foreign sources. Drawing only on historical and literary sources, the research may be developed to include economical or social aspects, which had an important role in the development of the political perspective of this work. Naturally, the main conclusions of this paper may be corroborated by other data or furtherly expanded, but they are founded on a solid basis shared by specialists.

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