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The Actors Speak

Michele Athos Guidi

Jenni Lea-Jones

Linda Powell

Paul Spera

Francesca Sarah Toich

Michelle Uranowitz



The Merchant ‘in’ Venice brought together an international cast of actors. In this chapter six of them recall the experience of workshopping then rehearsing Shakespeare’s play for the site-specific production they brought to the Ghetto in 2016. They think about the pressures of place – speaking these lines in this location – and of history; the challenges of working in several languages and cutting the script to two hours’ running time; the existential trouble of doubling characters who look like opposites; the excitement of inhabiting their roles and reaching their audiences. They reveal the production from the experience of living inside it.

keywords: The Merchant of Venice. Site-specific performance. Performing Shakespeare. Rehearsal. Portia. Shylock. Bassanio. Lancelot Gobbo. Lorenzo. Jessica. Actors on Shakespeare.

Lingua: en

Pubblicato: 10 Giugno 2021  
permalink: http://doi.org/10.30687/978-88-6969-503-2/004

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