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Unión y separación de palabras en las Osservationi della lingua castigliana de Giovanni Miranda

Carmen Castillo Peña    Università degli Studi di Padova, Italia    



The amalgamation and separation of Spanish words is an orthographic feature that should be taken into account to characterize an old grammatical text because it contributes to a better understanding of some grammatical and linguistic questions. Regardless of the level of modernization edition of an old grammatical text, the phenomena of amalgamation and separation should be explained, since we believe that it is possible to discover a set of frequent habits in the separation of words and that these can contribute to the immanent grammatical characterization of the text. This article will discuss summarily some problems of phraseologization and de-phraseologization from the fraseological and grammaticographic point of view (section 2), it will approach the subject seen as a mere orthographic problem (section 3), and conclude with some considerations from the perspective of the edition of texts (section 4). The main purpose of this study (section 5) is to explain the preparatory work on which the criteria for the critical edition of a Spanish grammar for Italians of the 16th century can be based.

14 Dicembre 2019
05 Novembre 2019
13 Ottobre 2019

Keywords: Separation of wordsAmalgamation of wordsOsservationi della lingua castiglianaGrammaticographyOrthography

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