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Nuevas vías de exploración de la lexicografía académica del Ochocientos

Francisco M. Carriscondo Esquivel    Universidad de Malaga, España    



The aim of this paper is to draw up new fronts of siege to the academic lexicography of the 19th century, because they are considered as a great performance and useful for the knowledge of this chapter of the history of Spanish dictionaries. The works that will always be the object of analysis are the different editions, up to ten, of the Diccionario de la lengua castellana, a reference about the lexicography that has been practiced at that time. Moreover, we have worked with unpublished documentation that is deposited at the Royal Spanish Academy’s Archive. The main aspects that are going to be treated are the following: firstly, the possible fronts of extension of the lexical inventory; then, the geopolitical connotations (the centralist character) and ideological (the absence of synchronization with the current progress) of certain practices in the elaboration of the dictionary; finally, the description of several aspects related to the microstructure.

14 Dicembre 2019
22 Ottobre 2019
23 Settembre 2019

Keywords: LexicographyDictionaries19th centurySpanish languageReal Academia Española

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