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Geolat (Geography for Latin Literature) is a research project in its startup phase aimed at building a collaborative scholarly reading of classical Latin texts enhancing the reuse of their informative content. The core concept is that the texts are annotated and that the annotation in turn can be used to study the texts. The TEI conforming annotation is aimed to place-names and employs an ad hoc geographical ontology for the world-view of Classical texts. The re-use of the annotation can start from a map interface mixed with a faceted textual search allowing to ask new questions, e.g. which is the geography of Horace’s Odes and what does it mean? Has is it any relation with the geography of other Augustan age authors? Has it any functional or ideological meaning? This basic concept can be expanded adding more ontologies for person names/roles and events/times; or also extending it to more literatures of the European area for an in-depth study of places, roles and events across times.

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Presentato: 14 Agosto 2017 | Pubblicato 29 Novembre 2017 | Lingua: it

Keywords Digital librariesOntologiesNamed entities recognitionGeographySemantic annotation

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