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Capitolo | La protezione dei dati negli archivi digitali

La protezione dei dati negli archivi digitali


The author describes and examines three subject approach sets: the first, technical-juridical, is related to methods of data transformation and conservation to guaranty protection of authenticity and access over time, respecting the law. The second, material, is related to physical protection data in terms of integrity and duplication. The last, purely juridical, pertains to data protection originating by intellectual work in copyright topics lato sensu. The essay exhorts to make considerations about the sharp contrast between juridical system prescription and how data is managed on line. The interests in rights protection by the authors and the data philosophy openly available – as it already occurs – needs agreement also in juridical system.

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Presentato: 14 Agosto 2017 | Pubblicato 29 Novembre 2017 | Lingua: it

Keywords Open dataDigital archivesCopyrightCopyleft and public domainJuridical protection of dataDatabase protectionCreative commons

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