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Recensione | Intercomprensione: lingue, processi e percorsi
Capitolo | Évaluer en Intercompréhension ou oser le paradigme plurilingue

Évaluer en Intercompréhension ou oser le paradigme plurilingue

Since its emergences in the field of education research, the scientific literature on intercomprehension has steadily increased. Despite this rise, a curricular integration of this approach remains contingent and punctual. In this respect, an evaluation of its learning outcomes would help highlight and promote the variety, multiplicity and richness of this approach and, as consequence, facilitate its curricular integration. This paper proposes to offer initially, an overview of evaluation practices conducted within various projects in intercomprehension. To conclude, the organizational and functional principles of a referential document identifying the competences involved in Intercomprehension, as prepared for the European project Miriadi, will be presented and discussed. Finally, open questions such as the definition of learning contents or progression will be addressed.

Open access | Peer reviewed

Presentato: 17 Gennaio 2016 | Accettato: 25 Novembre 2016 | Lingua: it

Keywords Intercomprehension Assessment Plurilingual competences

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