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Relatos de inmigración en la Pampa Gringa argentina

Voces y silencios


Valeria Ansó    Universidad Nacional del Litoral, Santa Fe, Argentina    


Some of the first European migrating groups in Argentina in the 19th century have settled around the territory known as Pampa Gringa – this area extends in Santa Fe’s plains, originating in the forming of agricultural colonies. The phenomenon of migration leaves its trail in social rhetoric, literary included. There were in Santa Fe a vast number of literary productions as well as essays that account for migration’s phenomenon. Gastón Gori (1915-2004) is a representative figure of this investigative and production range. This paper will cover a journey through the part of Argentinian literature referred to migration, with a special focus in a turning point for the productions on the subject led by Gastón Gori.

Lingua: es

keywords: Gastón Gori. Literature. Immigration. Colonization. Pampa Gringa.

Submitted: 06 Febbraio 2019
Accepted: 26 Febbraio 2019
Published: 14 Maggio 2019
permalink: doi.org/10.30687/978-88-6969-319-9/038

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