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Edited book

Genealogie e geografie dell’anti-democrazia nella crisi europea degli anni Trenta

Fascismi, corporativismi, laburismi

edited by

Laura Cerasi    Università Ca’ Foscari Venezia, Italia     ORCID iD



The European responses to the inter-war years crisis were marked by the emergence of fascist and corporatist movements and regimes, combined with the creation of cultural and political networks of the radical right. Their ability to express ultra-nationalist, organicistic, palingenetic communitarian trends, radically hostile to socialist egalitarianism and liberal individualism, aiming at a national, hierarchical, collective new order, posed the ultimate authoritarian threat to European democracy. This book investigates cultural genealogies as well a as national and transnational geographies of such regimes, movements and cultures: for their transversal political nature, they provide a privileged ground for new perspectives in the inter-war crisis of Western culture, and for questioning their legacies to postwar world.

Keywords: Capital. Fascism. European Union. Francoism. Origins of capitalism. Pan-Latinism. Liberalism. Right wing intellectuals. Workers. Corporatism. Labour. Global crisis. Counter-democracy. Inter-war Europe. Far-right movement. Iron Guard. Inter-war period. Dictatorship. Corneliu Zelea Codreanu. Critica fascista. Universal Fascism. State control. Governance. Democracy. Violence. Fascism. Corporation. Economics. Social origins. Anti-western modernity. Amintore Fanfani. Interwar period. Economic protectionism. Romania. Empire. Propaganda. National Socialism. Literature. Interwar. Associations. Agostino Lanzillo. Giuseppe Bottai. Università Cattolica. Arbeiterliteratur. Latinity. Gino Arias. International Corporations. Corporativism. Transnational history. Populism. Spain. NSDAP. Nationalism.

Published: May 31, 2019  

Language: it, en

ISBN (print): 978-88-6969-318-2    ISBN (ebook): 978-88-6969-317-5

permalink http://doi.org/10.30687/978-88-6969-317-5

Creative Commons License This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 International License 

Table of contents

Laura Cerasi   
May 31, 2019
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Genealogie, concetti, figure
Rolf Petri   
May 31, 2019
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Potere esecutivo, unanimismo e popolo nell’Europa tra le due guerre
Enzo Fimiani   
May 31, 2019
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Appunti sul pensiero economico e la formazione politica di Amintore Fanfani
Bruno Settis   
May 31, 2019
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La parabola economica di un allievo di Luigi Einaudi
Luca Tedesco   
May 31, 2019
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Etica e politica della corporazione nel fascismo dei primi anni Trenta
Laura Cerasi   
May 31, 2019
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Geografie, reti, prospettive
Culture, Corporatism and International Relations
Benjamin G. Martin   
May 31, 2019
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Il caso dell’Association de la presse latine
Annarita Gori   
May 31, 2019
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Le origini politiche e ideologiche e il suo consolidamento (1936-1945)
Miguel Ángel del Arco Blanco   
May 31, 2019
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La Guardia di Ferro e la Grande Romania
Alberto Basciani   
May 31, 2019
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Progetti di corporativismo internazionale nell’immaginario del fascismo
Fabrizio Amore Bianco   
May 31, 2019
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Michele Battini   
May 31, 2019
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Indice dei nomi
May 31, 2019
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