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Corte prosódico al principio del enunciado: la ‘salida nula’

Carlota Nicolás    Università degli Studi di Firenze    



When referring to statements in which a marked break occurs in discourse as a statement is being made the term ‘false start’ is used . The break occurs in monologues, that is, without interference from another speaker, and at the beginning of a statement. Studying 60 of these contexts taken from the C-Or-DiAL corpus (Corpus Oral Didáctico Anotado Lingüisticamente) and studied in corpus-driven analyses, about 20 somewhat marginal cases have been found, such as those in which there is mere stammering before the break or those that pose a question after the break, which we consider as belonging more to dialogue than to monologue. These statements with false starts have been classified according to the varying degrees in which they either inform or express.  It all depends on the purpose of the speaker in breaking off his speech:  in order to start with more precise information (‘Iniciar explicando’);  to add some information necessary for understanding what follows (‘Corte con retorno’);  to make clear that the speaker is responsible for, or the author of, what he is about to say (‘Con presencia del yo’);  to summarize information and transmit it with almost blunt brevity (‘De enunciación breve’);  to express something with greater emotion (‘De aumento de expresividad’).


Keywords: Spanish as foreign languageProsodyOrality

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