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Decolonizing Visuality: The Artistic and Social Practices of Andrea Carlson

Oliwia Olesiejuk    Adam Mickiewicz University, Poland    



The article demonstrates how images of the Mississippi River presented in European Mississippi. An Anthropocene River project, form knowledge about this region in relation to global challenges of the climate crisis. In the text, I examine visualizations of the river created by the Indigenous artist Andrea Carlson, whose works relate to decolonial methodologies and restore places, communities, beliefs and philosophies eradicated in colonialist practices. Visuality in Carlson’s work isn’t frozen in a place and time, but constitutes a type of social practice in which knowledge is produced. In analysing her works, I take into account their processuality: that, which took place before their creation, what they refer to, what they reveal, and what the process of their creation.

30 Giugno 2021
16 Marzo 2021

Keywords: climate crisis; decolonial theory; visual art; Ind

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