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Fascicolo | 41 | 109 | 2018
Articolo | Una aproximació a la memorialística femenina catalana

Una aproximació a la memorialística femenina catalana

Autobiographical literature in recent years has attracted increasing interest, thanks to the symbiosis between literature and reality that gives shape to it. The aim of this article is to approach new developments in Catalan women autobiographical literature, covering from the first instances, the epistles by Estefania de Requesens, from the sixteenth century, until Maria-Mercè Marçal’s posthumous diary, of 2014. Disease and proximity of death are devices used by writers to start autobiographical projects. Childhood, old age or memory recovery are other reasons why female authors venture in a previously patriarchal domain.

Open access | Peer reviewed

Presentato: 24 Febbraio 2017 | Accettato: 14 Giugno 2017 | Pubblicato: 11 Giugno 2018 | Lingua: ca

Keywords Literature of the ‘I’ Genre Autobiography Catalan literature Gender

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