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«La mañana del búho» de Claudio Rodríguez

La voz del (des)conocimiento poético

Alessandro Mistrorigo    Università Ca’ Foscari Venezia, Italia    



The aim of this article is to critically read Rodríguez’s poem «La mañana del búho» dealing with the author’s vocal version recorded in 1989 during a public event at the Residencia de Estudiantes in Madrid. After transcribing the vocal version and placing it beside the poem published in 1991 within Casi una leyenda, the two texts will be compared demonstrating how changes decided by the author can enhance our hermeneutical approach and extend the poem’s interpretation. This approach will also give a philological insight on Rodríguez’s writing process considering his vocal version as a proper manuscript of a previous stage in relation to the published text. Rodríguez’s words presenting his text during the public reading at the Residencia are also considered in order to connect the poem within the larger author’s creative trajectory.  

07 Dicembre 2016
22 Luglio 2016
01 Febbraio 2016

Keywords: Spanish poetryVoiceIntermediaContemplationClaudio RodríguezPhilologyAudio recordingHermeneuticsPoetry readingPoetics

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