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¿Existen las palabras?

El lugar de la morfología en la gramática actual

Florencio del Barrio de la Rosa    Università Ca’ Foscari Venezia, Italia    



The recent publication of two reference books about Spanish morphology (Aguirre 2013 and Fábregas 2013) shows the interest raised by this discipline in the field of Spanish linguistics. This note reviews some morphological notions, taking as starting point Aguirre’s work. We notice that she works with an undercovered ‘lexicalist’ notion of word. We find her treatment of productivity and, specially, of the connection between morphology and mind highly innovative and interesting. Only extralinguistic evidence might shed some light in the vexed question of the existence and nature of the basic unit of morphosyntax: the word.

09 Giugno 2014
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