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Elementos discursivos en Los enamoramientos de Javier Marías

José María Pozuelo Yvancos    Universidad de Murcia, España    



The essay analyzes certain elements of the narrative structure of The Infatuations (2011) by Javier Marías. It initially approaches the intimate relationship between Eros and Thanatos in the novel and the growing importance of Death in the work of the author. The study then focuses on two discursive resources which are privileged in the novel. The first is the narrator’s perspective, who connects her view with the facts as they develop in time and also to the way the protagonist first suspects and then discovers the truth about the circumstances of Michael Devern’s death. The second discursive resource that the article analyzes is the intelligent narrative organization of anticipations and prolepses. Through the selection of a series of key texts, the article highlights the way in which Javier Marias sprinkles narrative seeds which lay the foundations for the intrigue.

09 Giugno 2014
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