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Corpora nella didattica del tedesco come lingua straniera

Proposte per l’insegnamento del linguaggio specialistico del turismo

Carolina Flinz    Università degli Studi di Milano, Italia    

Peggy Katelhön    Università degli Studi di Milano, Italia    



In our contribution, we would like to focus on the use of corpora for the learning of the specialist language of tourism, and in particular we investigate the following issues: Which German corpora can be used in teaching and what characteristics do they have? Can they also be used for teaching the LSP of tourism? Which activities can encourage the learning of touristic specific vocabulary? After an excursus on the main German-speaking corpora, their main characteristics and the tools for their analysis, we will make a short survey to see their suitability or not for the language of tourism (§ 2). In paragraph 3 we will instead present the particularities of the tourist lexicon and the didactic offer of teaching. After a review of concrete possibilities of didactics to be used in the classroom in paragraph 4, we will conclude with some final reflections.

22 Aprile 2020
13 Dicembre 2019
05 Luglio 2019