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‘Mi scusi per favore’: analisi pragmatica dell’interlingua di studenti russofoni

Victoriya Trubnikova    Università degli Studi di Padova, Italia    



The purpose of this article is an investigation of the differences between the apology strategies used by Italian and Russian speakers as well as interlanguage apologies of Russians in Italian L2 environment. The data for the research was elicited by the written questionary Discourse Completion Task (DCT) involving 5 tokens with a short description of a situation which codifies basic information on social variables. The sample of the study consists of 10 students from each group. This research is supposed to identify the source of a pragmatic failure and the concept of appropriateness in light of politeness theories. The study has important implications for non-native speakers receiving instruction on speech acts.

01 Marzo 2017
20 Aprile 2017
24 Novembre 2016

Keywords: Italian L2Speech act theoryPragmatic competenceApologyPoliteness theories

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