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Linguaggi verbali e non verbali

Possibili problemi di comunicazione interculturale con il mondo tedescofono

Michela Dalla Vecchia    Università Ca’ Foscari Venezia, Italia    



Verbal and nonverbal communication have proved to be essential competences to possess in order to succeed in intercultural communication. After providing a general overview on the matter, this article will focus on some specific aspects of verbal and nonverbal communication which might turn out to be problematic between Italian and German culture. Firstly treating non verbal and subsequently verbal aspects, we tried to carry out a detailed analysis of the significance and the reasons of such features, which clearly differ from culture to culture, underlining their importance in language education.

01 Marzo 2016

Keywords: Verbal communicationIntercultural EducationGerman languageIntercultural communicationNon-verbal communication

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