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La canción para la educación literaria

Camilla Spaliviero    Università Ca’ Foscari Venezia, Italia    



The current essay deals with the proposal to use the song for literary education. Considering the crisis that literary education has been going through in the last decades, the song represents a possible resource which could act as a ‘bridge’ between literary education and juvenile culture. Therefore, our research aims to present the didactic validity of the song as a potential instrument for literary education, demonstrating it through an exemplification. In order to reach our goal, we must firstly define literary education and its principal aims, secondly, we should consider the song’s potentialities and thirdly, we should point out the main interactions between poetry and song and finally we can present some didactical suggestions for the analysis of the poem A las Brigadas Internacionales by Rafael Alberti that we propose in its musical version by Juan & José. The exemplification represents the students’ arrival point, as they are introduced to the poem through the song and at the end they could be able to critically analyse both the forms (written and sung) in which the poem is represented.

01 Marzo 2015