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Giovanni Freddi, fondatore della scuola veneziana di glottodidattica

In memoriam

Tanuja Ajotikar    The Sanskrit Library, Providence, RI    

Pinky Moni Gayan    Tezpur University, Napaam, Assam, India    

Paolo E. Balboni    Università Ca’ Foscari Venezia, Italia    



Giovanni Freddi was the founder of the Venetian school of language teaching research and he was mentioned as one of the inspirers of EL.LE. It was planned that he be the co-editor, but health problems during the period between the project and the actual publication led to his withdrawal. Giovanni Freddi died in August 2012. This essay studies Giovanni Freddi’s scientific production highlighting the main points of his research, which are still fundamental for the Centro di Ricerca e Formazione sulla Didattica delle Lingue as they are for most of Italian research in this field.

01 Luglio 2012
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