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„Türke von Geburt“ und „Staatsbürger der Bundesrepublik“

Überlegungen zum irregulären Lebenslauf von Jakob Arjounis Privatermittler Kemal Kayankaya

Sandro M. Moraldo    Alma Mater Studiorum – Università di Bologna, Italia    



With his first crime novel Happy birthday, Turk! (1985) Jakob Arjouni established a private investigator with a migration background, but whose lifestyle does not differ from that of the indigenous population. The aim of my contribution is to use statements by Jakob Arjouni himself, as well as a collage of the biographical data on Kemal Kayankaya scattered throughout the five crime novels, to show that while the serial hero has developed a bicultural self-confidence, often stylized as a metaphor of his cultural hybridity, more importantly he takes a post-integrative perspective, resulting from his gradual assimilation into German culture and society which began in his childhood and was completed in the course of his adolescence.

22 Dicembre 2020
29 Luglio 2020
10 Giugno 2020

Keywords: Third PersonGerman Crime NovelKemal KayankayaMigrant LiteratureThird SpaceHybrid IdentityJakob Arjouni

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