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An Evaluative Head in Romance

The Palermitan Verbal Affix -vu

alessandra giorgi    Università Ca' Foscari     ORCID iD

Fabrizio Sorrisi    Università Ca’ Foscari Venezia, Italia    



In this work, we analyse the behaviour of a verbal suffix in Palermitan – the Romance language spoken in Palermo, Sicily – expressing an evaluative meaning with sentential scope. The suffix is (V)vu, where V is the thematic vowel of the verb. The Palermitan dialect we study here is the one spoken in the urban area, approximately by 250,000 speakers. This suffix is interesting for several reasons. In the first place, an evaluative morpheme with clausal scope is quite unusual in Romance and to our knowledge it has not been reported outside Sicily. In the second place, as we will illustrate later, its use is spreading among the youngest generation, showing that the dialect is productive and the form under scrutiny is adopted by larger segments of the population, even if it does not exist in Italian.

Keywords: Speaker. Evaluatives. Verbal morphosyntax. Palermitan. Italian dialects.

Lingua: en

Presentato: 05 Agosto 2018   Accettato: 13 Agosto 2018   Pubblicato: 28 Settembre 2018  

permalink: http://doi.org/10.30687/AnnOc/2499-1562/2018/01/003

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