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Visioni tra teatro e cinema: due sguardi che re-immaginano La signorina Julie di Strindberg

Monica Garavello    Università Ca’ Foscari Venezia, Italia    



This paper will analyse two different stagings born by the same text, Miss Julie, written by Strindberg in 1888, with very different results. Two directions that rework and filter the Strindberg’s text through the use of cinematographic language. Christiane Jatahy, a Brazilian director, in her show Julia, uses the cinematographic medium to bring out the complexity of relationships in contemporary society. Katie Mitchell, on the other hand, in her Fräulein Julie, remains faithful to the period set in the text, and above all, she uses the camera to tell the unspoken, textual ellipses, bringing out what happens ‘behind the scene’. The speech will try to highlight and compare the specific narrative processes of these directors and their use of cinematographic language.

13 Maggio 2022
15 Ottobre 2021

Keywords: Katie MitchellMediaChristiane JatahyPerformative LanguagesMultidisciplinaryRi-mediationMiss JulieScreenIntermedialityCinemaStageTheatre

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