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La chiesa di San Gregorio l’Illuminatore ad Ani e le sue pitture

Dall’arte ‘franca’ al ‘Global Middle Ages’

Maria Raffaella Menna    Università degli Studi della Tuscia, Italia    

Maria Andaloro    Università degli Studi della Tuscia, Italia    



The church of St. Gregory the Illuminator of Ani (eastern Turkey) is a medieval building featuring elements and details that are expression of different artistic traditions. The wall paintings decorating the church are analysed and commented by highlighting two main themes: architectural representations and pathos. With regard to such features, comparisons with the centre-Italian thirteenth-century painting experience are offered, especially by taking into account some wall paintings from the Inferior Basilica of Assisi and two further panel paintings depicting the stories of St. Francis. The focus on these aspects allows contextualizing the wall paintings of the church of Ani within a transregional framework and, more specifically, at the light of the dissemination of ideas through the circulation of members of Mendicant Orders beyond the Mediterranean borders into the Caucasus region.


Keywords: Pathos in paintingGlobal Middle AgesChurch of StMendicant OrdersAniRepresentation of architectureMedieval wall paintingsGregory the IlluminatorArmenian art

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