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Joaquín Torres-García and Guillermo de Torre: An Itinerary in Letters

From Europe to Río de la Plata

Pilar García-Sedas    Universitat Pompeu Fabra, Espanya    



This article addresses the epistolary relationship between the Uruguayan painter Joaquín Torres-García and the writer Guillermo de Torre, responsible of the construction of an international intellectual network. Their correspondence shows the intellectual connection between the two in a geographical journey that took them through Spain, France, Argentina, and Uruguay and, at the same time, in an artistic journey that began in 1919 with the emergence of Ultraism. Based on the concepts set out by Hoock-Demarle, the letters object of this study are an essential tool to offer a transnational vision of the mediation work carried out in the field of art theorization and the active participation of both in the circulation of symbolic goods such as books and magazines. This correspondence also reveals aspects of their personalities that shine through moments of indignation and depression, in shared illusions and aspirations that influence the search for a common goal: the theorization of ‘arte nuevo’.

June 29, 2021
March 25, 2020
March 3, 2020

Keywords: UltraismAvant-gardeUltraísmoConstructivismoConstructivismTorres-GarcíaGuillermo de TorreVanguardiaLettersCartas| Torres-García

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