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Persuasive Strategies in the National-Syndicalist Discourse: Y (1938-1945)

Carla Prestigiacomo    Università di Palermo, Italia    



The Francoist Regime aimed to impose a system of inviolable values and norms by carrying out activities of control and self-control with the goal of legitimising and maintaining its power beyond the dictator’s death. With this objective, the regime intended to modify the mental attitudes and the dynamic components of individual identity. During this process of “massive and systematic manipulation”, the press played a fundamental role, given its capacity to influence the beliefs and actions of all social agents. In this context, feminine identity was of special importance and the Sección Femenina intended to re-construct it in the journal Y (1938-1945), influencing the ideas and behaviour of Spanish women during the dictatorship’s early years. Using the theoretical framework of linguistic pragmatics, critical discourse analysis and theory of argumentation, this article investigates the persuasive strategies adopted by the journal’s institutional enunciator.

Keywords: Press. Ideology. Identity. Argumentation. Persuasion. | Prensa. Ideología. Identidad. Argumentación. Persuasión.

Language: es

Submitted: Feb. 22, 2019
Accepted: May 27, 2019
Published: Dec. 4, 2019

permalink: http://doi.org/10.30687/Ri/2037-6588/2019/112/001

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