MDCCC 1800

     topic: arts  
  • e-ISSN 2280-8841
  • Periodicity annual
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  • Anvur class A 08E2, 10B1
Aims & Scope
The journal MDCCC 1800, founded in 2012 by Martina Frank, Elena Catra, Isabella Collavizza, Myriam Pilutti Namer and Letizia Tasso, serves as an international forum for discussion and debate on architecture and the arts in the period between the late 18th and early 20th century, which the historian Eric Hobsbawn has defined as the ‘Long 19th Century’. As a seminal period of recent history, the ‘Long 19th Century’ has seen the reinterpretation, investigation and exploration of countless architectural and artistic styles of the past, as well as the emergence of disruptive events such as the development of neoclassicism and the emergence of the 20th century avant-garde. In an interdisciplinary and cross-cultural perspective, the journal annually publishes, in the major European languages (Italian, Spanish, French, German, English, Portuguese) one issue in December, mainly focusing on original research that delves into topics concerning the intertwining between the arts in the European and global context of the ‘Long 19th Century’.
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