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A quantificational-determiner analysis of EST in relative superlatives

Dobrovie-Sorin Carmen    CNRS-LLF, Université Paris Cité    

Ion Giurgea    University of Bucharest    



The goal of this paper is to reconcile the definite marking with the indefinite-like semantics of those superlatives that take a relative/comparative reading. Following Szabolcsi (1986) and Heim (1999), we will assume that the difference between absolute and relative readings of superlatives is represented at the syntactic level of semantic representation, LF (Logical Form). We will however depart from Heim’s hypothesis that what raises at LF is the superlative operator itself (EST). We will instead assume a quantificational-determiner analysis of EST, which involves two raising operations at LF: EST-raising to Spec,DP and raising of the whole superlative DP (Determiner Phrase) to a scope position in the sentence. We will examine the relative readings of quality superlatives. The generalizations and the proposed analysis are not assumed to extend to quantity superlatives.

Oct. 30, 2023
June 23, 2023
May 21, 2023

Keywords: Parasitic scopeSuperlativesDefiniteness

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