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Переводы Анны Ахматовой из осетинской поэзии

Fatima Tasoltanovna Najfonova    Independent scholar    



The article studies the history of translations of Ossetian poetry by Anna Akhmatova. It is known that Anna Akhmatova had to do translations after she had been banned to work by the official authorities. Among them are the translations of Ossetian poets, whose poems she translated for the first anthology of Ossetian literature - the collection of “Ossetian Literature.” We know that she was attracted to work on the collection by Sergey Shervinsky, one of the editors and translators. The article also notes that there are three versions of translation of Kosta Chetagurov’s poem “Who are you?” by Anna Akhmatova, and the article also addresses the issue of equivalence of the belles-lettres quality of these translations.

keywords: Akhmatova. Chetagurov. Anthology. Translation. Equivalence.

Language: ru

Submitted: May 9, 2017   Accepted: July 5, 2017   Published: Feb. 19, 2018  
permalink: http://doi.org/10.30687/978-88-6969-211-6/013

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