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Мотивационная основа устных рассказов осетин Турции

Diana Vajnerovna Sokaeva    Северо-Осетинский институт гуманитарных и социальных исследований им. В.И. Абаева    



The modern folklore of the Ossetians who have been living in Turkey for 150 years is nowadays of interests to scholars. It can and should be studied both from the point of view of the elements of structure and poetics preserved in it, and from the point of view of modern motivations. The second aspect is the subject of this article. Our research, based on fieldwork, shows that the motivational basis of contemporary oral narratives and of their behavioural patterns is a statement of fact, its evaluation and a forecast for the future.

keywords: Ossetian folklore. The Ossetians of Turkey. Non-fairy prose. Oral story. Motivation.

Language: ru

Submitted: March 8, 2017   Accepted: May 22, 2017   Published: Feb. 19, 2018  
permalink: http://doi.org/10.30687/978-88-6969-211-6/010

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