Series | Antiquity Studies
Volume 14 | Edited book | Digital and Collaborative Tools for Antiquity Studies

Digital and Collaborative Tools for Antiquity Studies

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  • Paolo Mastandrea - Università Ca’ Foscari Venezia, Italia - email

The book is the outcome of an international study conference held at Ca’ Foscari University in 2014 and is intended as a moment of reflection on the digitisation and research work carried out at an academic level on materials and texts related to the Sciences of Antiquity. The contributions it contains respond to the need to compare experiences gained in apparently distant disciplinary fields (from archaeology to epigraphy, from ancient and pre-modern literature to Roman law) but which share significant points of contact. The aim is to identify new lines of research in interdisciplinary collaboration, capable of extending the potential of current automated systems of investigation.

Keywords Information retrievalPoetic memorySemantic searchPerceptionGrammarNarrativeClassical LanguagesProject buildingJuridical protection of dataAllusionDigital librariesSemantic annotationPerseus Digital LibraryEuropeanaLatin literatureDatabaseOWLCollaborative and cooperative philologyDigital humanitiesRDFCopyleftDigital LibrariesDigital libraryCreative commonsRe-useGreek epigraphyEnglish literatureDigitalityMedieval palaeographyMedieval epigraphyHumanities computingSemantic networkResource discoveryText reuseOpen dataIntertextualitySubject indexingLexicographyNational librariesScholarly primitivesGlyphsArchaeologyLinked Open DataSemantic WebSemantic webGeographyDigitalizationLiterary epigramsDictionariesTranslationsAncient Greek WordnetClassical studiesDigital LibraryOntologyStandardsPrehistoryDigital philologyNLPXML-TEI encodingOpen AccessCopyleft and public domainResearch infrastructureLatin inscriptionsThe Time themeEcdoticsHermeneuticsTextOntologiesMeno’s ParadoxNuovo soggettarioGreek literatureIntegrationDigital thoughtLatin epigraphyPerseusDigital archivesWordNetCopyrightThesauriClassical philologyNamed entities recognitionGreek inscriptionsDatabase protectionLate antiquity

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