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From Russia with Love

The First Russian Studies on the Art of Southern Caucasus

Ivan Foletti    Masaryk University, Brno, Czech Republic    

Pavel Rakitin    National Research University Higher School of Economics, Moscow    



The article investigates the perception of the cultural and artistic production of the Southern Caucasus, after the annexation of Georgia in 1801, by three highly educated intellectuals of the time: the Metropolitan Evgeniy Bolkhovitinov, the historian Platon Ioseliani and the artist and architect Grigory Gagarin. Their writings reveal a latent concept of historical pre-eminence of the Caucasian region, and Georgia in particular, as a cultural and sacred outpost of two countries, the Byzantine Empire and the Empire of the Russian Monarchs of the 19th century.


Russian Empire. Byzantine Empire. Bolkhovitinov. Ioseliani. Gagarin. Caucasian region as a Bridge.

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Pubblicato: 13 Dicembre 2018

permalink: http://doi.org/10.30687/VA/2385-2720/2018/27/001

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