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Vā fealoa’i – Nurturing the Space Between People and Between People and Nature

Yuki Kihara    Artist; THE NEW INSTITUTE Centre for Environmental Humanities, Università Ca’ Foscari Venezia, Italia    



This article explores the Sāmoan concept of Vā fealoa’i meaning ‘nurturing the space between people; and between people and nature’ and how it is embedded in my art practice, which reflects local, global and glocal considerations including a socially engaged, community outreach project involving Sāmoa’s third gender community that aims to highlight the specificity of their local experience with climate change, which is often neglected by governments and NGO’s. This article will also examine a textile exhibition entitled サ–モアのうた (Sāmoa no uta) A Song About Sāmoa (2019‑23) that explores the often hidden histories between Japan and the Pacific and specifically Sāmoa that goes beyond geopolitical boundaries as a man-made idea; and a video work, entitled Smoke and Mirrors (2023), which addresses environmental colonialism disguised as foreign diplomacy.

20 Dicembre 2023
28 Settembre 2023

Keywords: ExhibitionsContemporary artGenderPacificCommunity outreach

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