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General Introduction to Environmental Humanities in India

The Ecocritical Discourse in Hindu Literature

Stefano Beggiora    Università Ca’ Foscari Venezia, Italia    



The article offers a general overview of the ecological debate and Environmental Humanities in India. After an introduction on the legacy of Gandhian ecological thought and contemporary literature, the essay focuses on the most discussed themes of the Indian classical tradition, with particular references to sacred texts (Vedas, Puranas, the epics). The sum of this knowledge is placed on the recursive perspective of Indian time: as yugas change, new structures of social life arise, reformulating society and its environment in a more holistic and sustainable way. This would be possible without ever denying the responsibility we all have in maintaining that personal empathy towards the environment that is reflected in Indian classical texts.

21 Dicembre 2021
28 Ottobre 2021
08 Ottobre 2021

Keywords: AnthropoceneForestEnvironmentalismSouth AsiaIndiaIndian literatureEnvironmental Humanities

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