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Il controllo giudiziale sullo ius variandi dopo il Jobs Act

Annalisa Feltre    Dottoranda di ricerca in Diritto, mercato, persona nell'Università Ca' Foscari Venezia    



This contribution aims to analyze the regulation of the change of tasks after the reform of the article 2103 of the civil code. In recent years, labor law and employees’ duties are going through a process of radical changes. The repealing of the notion of “equivalence”, the derogation possibilities (both by collective and individual bargaining) and the reduction of judicial control concerning the exercise of employers’ powers, could allow the assignation of the worker to task not coherent with previous workers’ dignity protection. In this scenario, the solution could be the strict application of the principle of good faith (articles 1175 and 1375 of the civil code) in the interpretation of the new rules. 

30 Giugno 2016

Keywords: FlessibilitàControllo giudizialeIus variandiMansioniEquivalenza

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