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Fascicolo | 37 | 102 | 2014
Articolo | La imagen romántica de España en el Videojuego

La imagen romántica de España en el Videojuego

The genre of españolada (a book, film, show, etc., giving a clichéd, stereotypical image of Spain) is an interdisciplinary category established during the last four centuries through art forms belonging to the Spanish folk tradition. The objectification of this reality as a commercial product and cultural label promoted by Romanticism has served the literature, painting, music and cinema to transmit an exaggerated misconception of Spain. As an inevitable process, the espa–ñolada has also been developed in video games via a twofold dimension, which starts an on-going line of research for Game Studies in Spanish.

Open access | Peer reviewed

Pubblicato: 03 Dicembre 2014 | Lingua: es

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