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Daniele Del Giudice e «la varietà di tutto il resto»

Riccardo Agostini    Università Ca’ Foscari Venezia, Italia    



According to a quite popular opinion, Daniele Del Giudice was not a very prolific writer. The modest number of his novels is taken into account both by his devotees and critics; however this may become an unfair distinctive element of a much more complex author. For about forty years, Del Giudice showed and produced ‘Culture’ throughout press, conferences, curatorships, with the same essential prose and immaculate style of his novels and short stories. He is the author of a consistent collateral anthology that needs to be placed side by side with his literature in order to establish organicity and continuity between the two. The article displays and comments his journalistic works for the Paese Sera and the Corriere.

19 Dicembre 2022
22 Luglio 2022
08 Luglio 2022

Keywords: Literature reviewHumanitiesJournalismCorriere della SeraDaniele Del GiudicePaese Sera

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