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«Per convenienti rispetti»

Osservazioni sulla presa di parola di G.B. Ramusio

Toni Veneri    



This article delves into the rhetorical fabric of the discorsi the Venetian humanist Giovanni Battista Ramusio crafted to introduce his collection of travel accounts (Navigazioni e viaggi, 1550-9), with the aim of unearthing some of their deliberately unspoken contents. An analysis of Ramusio’s reticence regarding certain matters, together with a set of broken allusions, and his highly controlled self-presentation, allows a reframing of his locus of enunciation in the light of his self-fashioning within the Venetian social and intellectual environment, his ideological objectives and strategic constraints, and the epistemic stances implied in his editorial choices.

26 Novembre 2018

Keywords: CartographyGiovanni Battista RamusioRenaissance travel literatureVeniceRenaissance self-fashioning

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