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Quality Assessment of Digital Elevation Models in a Treeless High-Mountainous Landscape

A Case Study from Mount Aragats, Armenia

Pavol Hnila    Freie Universität Berlin, Deutschland    

Julia Elicker    Albert-Ludwigs-Universität Freiburg, Deutschland    



Global Digital Elevation Models (DEMs) are widely employed in geoarchaeology. Usually, their adequacy for particular landscapes is not tested. We assessed 30m-resolution-DEMs (ASTER, SRTM, ALOS, EU-DEM, NASADEM, NEXTMap) with local precision datasets. Our results reveal considerable differences (ASTER unsuitable for the region, NEXTMap and EU-DEM fit most closely to our reference model). This outcome does not necessarily apply to all similar regions. It rather stresses the need for a check of DEMs’ quality in any given study area, and it encourages the use of detailed topographic visualisations of DEMs in absence of suitable reference data.

Subtags: Monuments Technology Environment Communication Geo-referenced data Visualisation Modelling 3d data Analysis

30 Giugno 2021
05 Maggio 2021
15 Gennaio 2021

Keywords: 30m resolution DEMsLandscape archaeologyEvaluationGISRMSEComparisonSpatial analysis

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