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Spigolature stesicoree II

Osservazioni critico-esegetiche su alcuni frammenti

Paolo Cipolla    Università degli Studi di Catania, Italia    



The paper concerns some textual and exegetical problems in Stesichorean fragments. In fr. 1 ἔν τινι πέτρᾳ, ὡς is to be read for transmitted ἔν τινι πετραίῳ; the phrase probably refers to Amycus’ punishment, who according to some textual and iconographic sources was bound by Pollux to a tree or rock; in fr. 2a Ποδάργη means ‘swift-footed’ rather than ‘white-footed’, as shown by comparison with the proper nouns Ὠκυπόδη and Ἀελλόπους. In fr. 85 κούραις should be preferred to κόραις/κόρας, because it is closer to epic diction; in fr. 89 the silver-like basin implies a hospitality scene, but probably in a humble social context. In fr. 100.7 χρυσ[ολύρα, even if the feminine of the adjective is never used elsewhere, may be a suitable supplement; at v. 9 καλλιρόου (Σιμόεντος) is better than καλλιρόους (δίνας). At fr. inc. 270a one might restore τε]ύ̣-/ χεσι λαμπομέν[α τό]θ’. Finally, at fr. inc. 303a πυλαμάχε transmitted by Athenaeus may be right and seems to be echoed in the hapax θυραμάχος found in Pratinas.

20 Dicembre 2021
31 Agosto 2021
16 Luglio 2021

Keywords: EditingTextStesichorusFragmentsConjectures

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