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A New Interpretation of the Vedic Particle aṅgá

Pascal Coenen    Universität zu Köln, Deutschland    



The aim of this article is to provide a unified account for all attestations of the particle aṅgá in the Rigveda. Based on its distribution in different clause types, I argue that previous analyses of this particle, which treat it as a focus particle or a marker of the speaker’s attitude or certainty are incorrect. Instead, I propose that the particle is used to indicate shared (lack of) knowledge between speaker and addressee. This proposal is based on the observation that when the particle occurs in questions these are not information-seeking. By adducing typological parallels, I argue that this function accounts for its presence in other clause types as well. Moreover, I will attempt to show that while aṅgá has an intersubjective function it is not to be regarded as an evidential or a marker of epistemic authority or epistemic modality.

26 Giugno 2023
27 Marzo 2022
12 Gennaio 2023

Keywords: EnimitivesShared KnowledgeModal ParticlesIntersubjectivityDiscourse ParticlesEvidentialityEpistemic Authority

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