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Regolamento doganale di Cauno (B10-C1)

Un’ipotesi interpretativa

Lyuba Radulova    Università di Sofia «S. Clemente di Ocrida», Bulgaria    



The paper focuses on the famous customs-law from Kaunos (SEG XIV, 639). Leaving aside those aspects of the text that have been better studied, such as the relations between a civitas libera and the Roman administration or the taxability of certain categories of goods from the portorium, the study concentrates on a less important point the obligation to declare the imported goods. The focal point of the study is paragraph B10-C1, which is in a very fragmentary state of conservation. The two editions of the inscription are analysed with special attention to the different integrations and interpretations proposed by the editors and by other scholars. The analysis leads to the conclusion that it is possible to make an internal parallel with paragraph C8-D5 of the same inscription and to propose a new integration of the damaged l. B13.

23 Dicembre 2019
10 Settembre 2019
02 Agosto 2019

Keywords: Maritime and land tradePortoriumGoods in transitProfessioCommissum

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